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Are you tired of reading content that is right in front of you? There is an iOS app that is a perfect fit for you called the Speechify text reader. It turns your reading material into interactive audiobooks. You benefit because you can save time, retain more information, and stay focused. Here is how it works.

Speechify Text Reader

Sometimes for one reason or another, I just get so tired of reading. It can be so hard on my eyes, especially when I work all day. Do you have that same issue? The Speechify Text Reader is a huge benefit to alleviating that problem. It takes all that written content and turns it into an audiobook that you can listen to.

To put it another way, remember going to school or even being at work and having to read those boring and complex textbooks. Using the Speechify Text Reader can take that boring chore and turn it into a more pleasant experience. Furthermore, you just might understand the material easier. You won’t be faced with a chore; instead, you will have content that you might actually enjoy.

Speechify Has Multiple Features

• Listen to articles, PDFs, digital text, or physical books AS AUDIO.
• Listen with HD voices and 50+ languages.
• Switch your reading speed up to 900 words per minute (~5x faster than sight-reading).
• Take a photo of physical book pages with your device camera.
• Import internet content straight from your mobile browser.
• Works with iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.
• Sync audiobooks across your devices for both Mac and Web.

Not only can you import online data, PDFs, clipboard-copied text, or even photos of physical book pages, and listen while Speechify Text Reader reads your data to you in the highest quality digital voices available anywhere. In addition, choose the reading speed that is customized to your requirements. Speechify encourages you to read along with Speechify’s interactive reading interface, or simply relax and listen!

Super Text to Speech App for Dyslexics

Here is a point of interest for you. Did you know that Speechify was first developed to address the needs of the app’s founder, Cliff Weitzman. You see, he had dyslexia as a child and even struggles today. Hear what he has to say on how he improved his condition and helps tens of thousands of users with Dyslexia, ADHD, low vision acuity, anxiety, concussions, and scores of other reading disabilities to breeze through their readings and engage with their curiosities.

Why I’m Proud to be Dyslexic – Cliff Weitzman Video

Speechify Text Reader Transforms Lives

In my opinion, Speechify is just plainly one of the best apps out there to take the written word and turn it into an audiobook. Are you intrigued by how it can help you? Why not try it for free.

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