Stimulus Checks – New Scam Alerts

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They are at it again. There are new scam alerts regarding the latest round of stimulus checks that have been sent out.

Just when you thought you were safe from hackers trying to get your stimulus checks, here we go again. The second stimulus has given scammers new opportunities to get your money – and maybe even your identity.

FDIC Warning

Watch Out! The Federal Trade Commission is warning us to be on the lookout for stimulus-related emails. The emails are reportedly being sent by Joseph Simons, the FTC chairman, who announced Tuesday that he plans to resign effective Jan. 29. 

Do Not Pay Attention to It! 

This is a scam!!

The emails look like they are coming from an official government agency but specifically Simons.

Included is a “certificate of approval” for your stimulus cash.

The nerve of some people. This particular scam demands (Yes, I said demands) that you pay taxes upfront to receive the money.

These scammers are cagey. The FTC said that sometimes a follow-up but bogus letter goes into your inbox and appears to be from the Internal Revenue Service to make the deal seem that much more legitimate.

“If you pay,” according to an FTC alert, “they say you must pay the State Department for a certificate that proves the funds are not related to any terrorist activity and the money is cleared for you to receive. (Yeah, right!)” (Taken from Detroit Free Press)

Red Flags

Here are the red flags you should pay attention to:

>> The Economic Impact Payments being sent by the IRS and the U.S. Treasury Department are not taxable.

>> The FTC isn’t involved in the stimulus payments in any way.

The IRS does not send out emails, text or make phone calls about the latest round of stimulus payments, which began being paid out Dec. 30. Just a reminder though that these unscrupulous people can rig up a caller ID to make a phone call look like it’s from the IRS or any other government agency.

>> That text scam reportedly might state that the latest $600 stimulus check will be sent directly to your bank account — but only if you click on a link, text back or email your bank account information. PLEASE – Don’t do it!

>> Also from Detroit Free Press is, “Don’t fall for any scammer who says they know a secret on how to get that stimulus payment by filing a tax return either. The Recovery Rebate Credit is on all 1040 forms and it’s not a secret strategy. It’s on Line 30.”

I Want Your Money or Personal Information 

You are likely to see multiple scams crop up and play off the stimulus money. The bottom line is that scammers want your cash or your key personal information, such as Social Security account information, bank account numbers, or passwords.

You may see a text message that asks for your bank account number so that that the Economic Impact Payment can be direct deposited into your account. Ignore it. The IRS isn’t sending out those emails.

You can report such fraud at

Small Businesses Are Also Targets 

Hoaxers also are cranking out emails that claim to come from the “Small Business Administration Office of Disaster Assistance.” Put that email down and ignore it if you get an email saying you are pre-approved for a loan for up to $250,000. There is a possibility that it could say you could get a low-interest disaster loan to businesses of all sizes. These businesses can also include:

> private nonprofit organizations.
> homeowners and renters looking for extra funds on real estate, personal property, machinery or equipment, or other things.

Final Words 

Here is what Megabite wants you to understand. Scammers are increasing in numbers and are implementing new methods to scam you all the time. The bottom line is that you need to wary of texts, emails, and phone calls if they are from someone you don’t know. Do your own research, and if you still are unsure, contact us and discuss it with us.


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