Superphone (New App)

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Superphone (New App)

Superphone is a new app that could revolutionize the way we connect with people.  If you have a smartphone, then the likelihood that you have contacts and their information saved in your phones address book is high.  99.9% high.

Who needs to remember phone numbers any more when you have a smartphone, just plug in the number, and name of the contact then hit save.   You are now connected.  Or are you?  Sure you have “Bob’s” number, but will you remember to call him in a couple of weeks?  Probably Not, and a sale or possible friendship will slip away because you have a million things going on and you have forgotten all about poor ole Bob.

With SuperPhone you won’t forget who you need to connect with.  It has a Never Loose Touch feature that can automatically ping lapsed contacts to keep the conversation going.  SuperPhone also allows you to sort people by location, title. It also keeps up with if they’ve spent money with you and how much. Watch your address book grow as you add more and more contacts.   You are able to keep up with who messages who more and allows you to see how healthy your connection is with each of your contacts using a monitoring system.

With SuperPhone’s patent-pending Never Lose Touch, you’re able to choose a time interval and create custom messages to reconnect with your contacts. If you haven’t talked to someone during the time interval you create they receive one of the custom messages. Such as, “Been busy, how is that project you are working on coming? Or something generic such as, “Just touching base and wanted to say hi.”  You will always stay connected with your clients and friends using Superphone.  You choose who you want to stay in contact with, and let Superphone grow your relationships while you sit back and relax as you watch your clientele grow.

Superphone is available now for iOS and soon will be available for Android.  The monthly cost runs about $0.10 per active conversation per month, which is $20 for 200 conversations or $100 for 1,000, that has a Shopify e-commerce integration.

Keep in touch with everyone that is important with Superphone

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