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Say you have a research paper in PDF format that you wish to add your own highlights, notes, and more. Why not test out the superpower capabilities of LiquidText.

What Is LiquidText

If you are an individual that deep dives into really serious research, then paper only gives you a limited amount of flexibility.

LiquidText modernizes reading, analyzing, and annotating documents, and saves you time in the long run. Which documents? Well, to start with, how about PDFs. However, that’s not all.

Now, just a minute! Is this for real? You bet it is. Review documents faster. Find facts effortlessly. See the connections others miss. The sky is the limit with this document editor.

The Development of The Application

According to LiquidText’s site, “LiquidText was developed on a foundation of research and innovation. While earning his Ph.D., founder Craig Tashman explored ways to improve reading on digital devices. He created a multi-touch system based on published research, testing, and user validation with the goal of supporting deep, critical reading. The result includes an interactive feature set that allows users to freely and precisely control the reading experience. What were once complex functions, such as comparing pages and organizing notes, are now natural and effortless.”

LiquidText evolved from: four years of research, two peer reviewed papers, and a PhD from Georgia Tech, by its founder Craig Tashman. The focus was on “active reading” where users highlight, mark, search and take notes when working on a project.

Why Is LiquidText a Superpower

The latest update for iPad users has improved the iPad app with an all-new UI, fresh customizable layouts, a powerful tagging feature, and more. Next to follow includes MacOS and Windows 10 users.

This version supports all the touch and ink features from the iPad original with enhancements. LiquidText is now available on Windows tablets, hybrids, laptops and desktops with the same feature set, adapted and enhanced for Windows.

This PDF editor is far beyond what you could have imagined using just paper. The legal, medical, academic, engineering, and business arenas find they can just do so much more and save valuable time doing so.

Amazing Features

LiquidText takes productivity beyond regular document editing. Just look at the features below:

  • Excerpt anything quickly and easily.
  • Connect and link anything.
  • Use the pinch gesture.
  • Compare and connect remote parts within your document (Office 365 Word, Web Pages, PDFs, PowerPoint, or more)
  • Use ink to link comparisons.

Take Your Research & Notetaking Above and Beyond

Superpower capabilities of LiquidText are beyond believable. The apps can be downloaded from the various App Store, Mac App Store, or in the Windows 10 store for free. If you find you need additional features, there are plenty of in-app upgrades you can purchase.

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