Task Apps and the Calendar

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Have you ever heard that when you’ve got a big day ahead of you, start with a list? The
to-do list feels as old as time. Task apps have taken the basic formula of the to-do list and
expanded on the concept, to fulfill the need of that big day you’re facing. Take an app
like Todoist, for example. They, along with many others, offer several features that make
a to-do list easier than ever. First and foremost, you’re able to sync your list and calendar
with your team or whomever. Second, you can share and collaborate with people across
multiple devices. This includes operating systems. Whereas before, when task
management apps were just rolling out, certain program options may have seemed
exclusive to Windows, Apple, or even Lynx. And if your entire group didn’t share the
same operating system, the seamless collaborative portion of your planning came to an
immediate halt. Not anymore.

What do you think of when you think of tasks and to-do lists? After you’re done
hyperventilating and stressing out over the terms themselves, you might first picture a

I know I sometimes forget about my calendar. It’s one of the apps that come pre-loaded in
our phones, computers, tablets and everything else electronic. Generally speaking, we
often overlook the calendar and take it for granted. Even your basic calendar found on
your devices can be synced with others, and easily organized using a simple color-coding
system. You can set alerts to remind you of important events, even setting the location
and time in the event reminder. In theory, the use of the modern electronic calendar can
lead to full efficiency. From everything to that business meeting you’re not enthusiastic
about but you could lose your job if you miss it, all the way to what time you need to call
your department supervisor about that missing paperwork.

Take everything your basic calendar does and multiply it by a thousand or two. One thing
I’ve read about basic calendar apps is they get cluttered too easy. Task apps like Todoist,
Cal, Sunrise and Google Calendar are designed to be minimal. As someone in the market
for a good calendar in your app, you want to see little clutter but informative pins in both
the weekly and monthly view option. You want good reminder options along with
syncing capabilities across other devices, users, and operating systems. Shop around the
task apps in your designated app store to find what might be best for you and your team.
Most are free, some offer in-app purchases, and others cost money right out the gate.
Personal preference and comfort should be the ultimate deciding factor in this case.
With the aide of task management apps, it’s like we have the calendar Plus. We’re given
options that not only remind us, alert us, keep us in the know with both our own tasks but
that of our peers, but it’s also kind of encouraging. It’s also inspiring. With all that a task
app can do, we’re not only unstoppable, but we’re fashionably organized while we’re
doing it.

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