Tech Support Scammers On the Increase

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Tech support scammers rely on scam techniques to gain access to computers by tricking customers into paying for trick solutions for fake problems and even worse. You need to be wary of these wolves in sheep’s clothing!

Tech Support Scammer Goals

A tech scammer’s goal is to steal information for the purpose of fraud. How do they do it? You may be online when a popup shows saying a virus has been discovered on your device. Calling the number on the popup sends you to someone who claims they are in tech support for companies that you are familiar with — like Apple or Facebook or others – but alas, they are not. But that is not all. That technician or a representative from their company may even contact you direct by calling you.

Their Message

What do they tell you to “hook” you? They explain that your computer is sending you error messages due to a virus and ask you for permission to remotely access your device so they can fix the issue(s) before further damage can be done.

You are directed to a website URL that will use online software to gain access to your computer. What is next for these tech scammers? They reassure you that it can be fixed for a small (or in some cases, a larger) fee. You pay for it with a credit card, and they tell you everything has been taken care of. Realistically, you have just been scammed.

Unfortunately, fraudulent charges may only be a fate that can worsen dramatically. Do not think that this “helpful” technician would not stoop so low as to install malware or spyware for their future convenience giving them access to all your files. You’re wrong!

ConnectWise Control: How to Spot Red Flags Video

Red Flags To Watch For

To summarize, what can you do? Well, first of all, you can watch for these red flags.

• Unsolicitated phone calls, emails or popups warning of a security issue or offering to do a free virus scan.
• We cannot reiterate enough; phone calls and popups should never be acted upon.
• Legitimate warning messages will not have a phone number.
• Any 3rd party who wants control of your device should be avoided at all costs. Tell unsolicited remote access and support requests NO.

Consequently, the one bit of knowledge you should be aware of is that tech support scammers are adept at holding it over you. How do they do this? They use fear. This results from their wanting you to act now before something bad can happen to your device. Don’t fall for it. Become aware of their wily techniques and then act against them.

Tech support scammers are on the increase. As we have mentioned before, you need to take all precautions to maintain your privacy and security for your data online.

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