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Paula Staples

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Deryck went above and beyond in helping me with my computer issues. Megabite will be my first stop for any computer problems.

Tyler McCorkle

Deryck, otherwise as Megabite, is the man to go to for computer repair. He is very knowledgeable and reasonable with all prices. I lived in Fernandina with my girlfriend for a while and left my mac with him to fix several times. He was very friendly and even spent a large portion of time showing me how to better care and utilize
my laptop. When I moved back to Atlanta, I had more questions about it’s functioning and waited until I came back to visit Fernandina to bring it to him. He’s just a nice guy who knows his stuff and is more than willing to help you out.

Paul Guyette

I have needed help with my Macbook Pro several times this year. Derek and his team have been knowledgable, very responsive, and fairly priced while maintaining a high level of quality and customer care. Definitely recommended.

Judith E. Webber

“The best and only place to go with a Mac problem. Thanks”

John Bremer

“Always great!”

Barbara Badalato

We asked Deryck for help with our computers on three different occasions, after he was recommended to us. On each occasion, we were treated with respect and not condescension. He did not talk down to us, nor did he try to sell us anything we did not need. Best of all, he solved our computer problems. We highly recommend Megabite to anyone needing help with their computers.

Joseph Wertz

Thank YOU very much for doing a great job with the repair of my Dell computer.

Mark J Waite

as always —excellent service!

Carol Lee Adams

I appreciate his efforts and skills very much. Derek went beyond expectations in getting my computer up and running and also improved the computer for me! I am very Happy?

Imetry Brick Pavers

Megabite has been a really big factor in the bettering of my company. They upgraded our computers from a failing Windows XP, to a brand new Windows 7, custom-built machine. They put us on a disaster recovery program to ensure that our documents are safe from any future disasters. The battery backup takes the fall from possible electrical problems, and with the online backup solution, our documents are always secure. Megabite also fixed my phone, and it is working much more efficiently. I can also print documents from my phone, now, and with all of these recourses that Megabite has provided for us, everything is much more convenient.

Arthur Lynnworth

Customer Service, Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness. This was my first experience and everything was perfect: courteous, professional, quick, very competitive price and service oriented. Anyone wanting
outstanding service and support should come here.

Fred Teich

Deryck, The class was definitely productive. Thanks…looking forward to our next session.

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