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Do you always have to type content into Microsoft Word? No, there are three different ways you can use MS Word text to speech. The first ways, and the ones we will be concentrating on here, are the Speak and Read Aloud options in Word.

Learn Text to Speech in MS Word

Way back in 2003, Microsoft Office incorporated the Speak feature. At that time, it was called Text to Speech (TTS). Its functions have not changed all that much since then. It is very easy to set up and use so you can make immediate use of it.

Add the Speak Button to Quick Access 

Let’s walk through how to add the Speak button to your Quick Access Toolbar.

  1. Click the Customize arrow on the Quick Access Toolbar.
  1. From the dropdown menu, select All Commands.
  1. Select the Speak command, click the Add button in the middle of the screen, then click OK.
  1. Word adds the Speak command to the Quick Access Toolbar at the end, and you’re ready to go.

According to PCWorld, you have another way to add the Speak to your Microsoft Word.

Listen to Your Text 

What if you want to listen to your text? It’s easy to do. Here is how to do it.

  1. Turn your system’s speakers or sound devices on.
  1. Now highlight a paragraph of text and click the Speak command button.
  1. Word reads any text that’s highlighted. You can even have Microsoft Word read the entire document to you. Just press Ctrl+ A on your desktop or laptop PC to select the entire document. (Remember the 10 Keyboard Shortcuts we taught you back in January?)
  1. Click the Speak command button once to begin the reading session, then click it again to stop. Currently, there is no pause-and-continue option. Many users have requested this option, so Microsoft is looking to add it in the future.

Read Aloud 

There is an alternative way to have your content read to you in Microsoft Word.


There are two benefits that Read Aloud has that you won’t find with the Speak command.

The first is you don’t have to highlight the text. Just put your cursor where you want the reading aloud to begin and click the Read Aloud button.

Another benefit is that when you click the Read Aloud button a second time, it stops. Click the button again to continue from that point on. So, basically, you have a Pause feature with Read Aloud that you don’t have with Speak.

Microsoft Windows Additional Features 

Using Microsoft Windows, you have many more Speech choices you can use to have an effective, natural, and enjoyable way for people to interact with your Windows applications, supplementing, or even replacing, traditional interaction experiences based on mouse, keyboard, voice, touch, controller, or gestures.

You can even choose whether you wish to have a male voice read to you or a female voice. Maybe you even want Cortana or Alexa to assist you. You do not use English as your language? Go ahead; feel free to change it.­­­

Final Words on Microsoft Word Speak & Read Aloud Commands 

Using Microsoft Word Speak & Read Aloud Commands can make using Word so much more enjoyable. Using the above information will give you new features that you may not have used before. We hope you enjoy!


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