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The Scoop on 

We all use Gmail; it’s really the only free email service worth anybody’s time. While it’s the most used and most recommended, nothing is perfect. If you’ve ever been frustrated with their setup, even through updates and the whole shebang, you’ll want to get Drag.  It organizes all of your emails into a tab format.  Sort of like Trello and Asana.  It is one extension I can’t live without.  

Are you tired of scrolling down a list of emails trying to figure out what needs your attention first?  Well, with Drag, simply place the emails needing your attention in the appropriate column and at a glance, without having to scroll, you can see what needs to be done now.

Organize Tasks

With custom made task lists, you’ll utilize every bit of space in your inbox with this nifty little feature. This is, by far, the most transformative part of this Chrome extension. Everything is extremely easy to maneuver. If for some reason you need to go back to the original set-up of Gmail simply flick the switch on the top right of your screen to turn Drag off, and on again when you want to go back to the view emails in tab format. (Though we think you’ll keep Drag on all the time once you give it a try.)

It’s In The Name

As the title for the extension suggests, you can drag, and then you can drop. You won’t have to manually move your new task list with custom headers; it’s so simple to just move it from one side of the page to another. Your experience couldn’t get any simpler.

FAQ And Conclusion

Drag is still in open beta, set to launch officially this upcoming July of 2017. Even with the feature list short and crisp at the moment, you’ll get an excellent experience with little to no glitches or mess-ups. The developers have done a fantastic job at making this extension wonderfully attractive, and vibrantly functional. It was also featured in the Chrome store in the top five extensions.

Q: Do I have to install anything extra?

A: Not at all; Drag is stored in Chrome as an extension, so no external downloads.

Q: Is Drag available for other email platforms like Yahoo?

A: Not at the moment. So far, it only works with Gmail.

Q: Is this going to corrupt my email data?

A: Drag lives inside of Gmail, not individual emails. It’s safe to have around your critical data.

While it’s a simple tool, sometimes that’s all you need. The best things in life are free, and that’s no exception for Drag, one of Gmail’s greatest companions. We’re sure they’ll toss in a few bells and whistles along the way, but for now, let’s enjoy the simplicity of it all.

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