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Three Main Keys to Mobile Device Management

February 13, 2024 8:30 am Published by Leave your thoughts

As mobile technology becomes ingrained in daily life, businesses must confront the fact that it is a whole new thing that has to be managed. Over 85 percent of the global population is actively using smartphones, and that means that with the benefits, there is also the substantial risk of cyberthreats targeting these devices. Let’s take a look at how mobile devices can be an untapped resource for your business. 

Building a Mobile Strategy for Your Business

Establishing an effective mobile strategy involves recognizing each mobile device as a potential endpoint that is susceptible to exploitation by hackers and scammers. Implementing a comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform is crucial to resolving this challenge. An MDM platform offers features such as remote management, enabling IT administrators to monitor and control work accounts on employee-owned smartphones. Additionally, it facilitates the management of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, allowing businesses to regulate access to their network effectively.

Work Profiles

Modern mobile management introduces innovative features like work profiles that enable the deployment of work-related applications in a customizable profile. The separation of personal and work functions on a device ensures that work data remains isolated from personal data. The integrated security features of an MDM platform, including encryption and remote wipe capabilities, are essential for safeguarding business data when using employee-owned devices.

Reducing the Negative Effect of Personal Device Usage at Work

Another challenge posed by mobile device usage in business is the potential for distraction. It stands to reason that a worker would be less productive when they are on their phone every five minutes. Studies indicate that employees may spend up to two hours per day on their phones, impacting overall work efficiency. Businesses can address this issue by providing flexibility in work schedules, especially for remote workers, allowing them to manage their time effectively. Additionally, offering constructive feedback and monitoring productivity metrics can help employees align with the organization’s standards without resorting to punitive measures.

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