Tip of the Week: Pet Proof Your Tech

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You love your pets. They are part of your family and bring you more joy than most other things. Unfortunately, pets and technology simply don’t mix. In today’s blog, we thought we’d go through a few tips that can help you protect your technology from your furry (or not-so-furry) friends.

How Your Pets Can Impact Your Computer

The primary concern involving pets and your computer lies in the accumulation of shed hair within the system. However, the chewing of devices, cords, and similar items also poses a significant risk. Accidents caused by pets can further lead to damage or destruction of devices. Consider a scenario where your smartphone is on the charger, and your cat or dog inadvertently pulls the cable, causing the device to fall off a table and the screen to shatter. Such incidents occur frequently.

For pet owners, especially those with a deep affection for their animals, realizing the extent of hair accumulating inside their technology may be shocking when they open it up, as it may seem as if another pet had been stuffed inside the machine.

Tips to Safeguard Your Technology Against Pet-Related Issues

Pets have a tendency to explore areas they shouldn’t and be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Here are some practical tips to protect your technology from the potential hazards posed by pets.

Maintain Cleanliness

Keeping your computer and its surroundings clean is crucial. Pets are drawn to the warmth emitted by running technology, so placing your laptop on the floor might invite your furry friend to make it a cozy nap spot.

Avoid Liquid Mishaps

Cats or small dogs may seek your attention while you’re at your desk or using your laptop, and in doing so, they might accidentally knock over your drink. Spilled sugary drinks can quickly damage computers and accessories. Prevent such mishaps by keeping your drink out of reach when working with pets around.

Secure Cords

Cords are particularly vulnerable to pet interference, with many instances of cords being chewed, especially by puppies. To ensure safety and prolong the lifespan of your devices, organize and bundle cords with a velcro band, making them less tempting for your four-legged companions.

Despite our love for pets, they can pose challenges to our technology. Stay tuned to our blog for more valuable tips and tricks that can help you keep your technology clean and running properly. For more tips and tricks, return to our blog regularly.

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