Tips and Tricks for Pocket

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Tips and Tricks for Pocket


We recently wrote an article about Pocket– a great app that keeps all your reading material organized and in one place. Today we are writing about tips and tricks for Pocket. If you keep up with all information via the internet, you probably have a reading list a mile long.  Trying to keep up with all the articles not to mention trying to find the time to read everything can be a challenge.   Pocket is a great way to save all the interesting things you find online. Pocket lets you save articles, videos, and websites with just one click.

I’m sure you already know you can save everything you find on the internet to Pocket, but do you realize you can also Organize Your Pocket Reading List, Turn Content into Actionable Tasks, Optimize Your Pocket Reading Experience and Share Pocket Articles with Others?


Saving Emails and Links to Pocket

If you receive an email with a link and don’t have time to read it, simply forward the email with the link to [email protected], make sure you are forwarding from the email address you signed up with Pocket. If you want to add links from other email addresses, open your Pocket account’s email settings and add the appropriate email address.


Batch Save Web Pages

If you have several articles opened in your browser and want to save them all at one time, use the save all tabs to Pocket in the chrome extension. Simply tap the button, and it’ll save every article. Or if you have a list of articles that you want to save the batch save Pocket Chrome extension can help.  All you need to do is copy and paste links into the extension.  You can even add tags if you choose.


Organize Your Pocket Reading List

Once you have several articles saved to Pocket, you can organize them by types such as articles, videos, or images.  Here are some suggestions on how to get organized with Pocket.


Organize Articles by Length

Read Ruler helps keep your Pocket reading list organized by displaying how long it will take to read each article. Once set up you can quickly glance to see which article you have time to read at any given moment.  Have an extra 10 minutes or 1 hour to read? Pocket will show you exactly which articles will take that long to read.


Bulk edit in Pocket

You can favorite, archive, tag, or delete any piece of content you’ve saved to Pocket in bulk. Just click on the pencil icon in the top right of the web app or in the menu of the mobile app, then select the items you want to change, and hit apply.


Turn Content into Actionable Tasks

Connect Pocket to your productivity apps such as TodoList, Asana, Evernote, and more—and you can turn your reading list into a to-do list. Once connected you can send any article video or image to your productivity apps with just a click.


Get Reminders of Content You Need to Read

If your reading list is growing faster than you can read, use ReRead to receive reminders of what needs to be read in your Pocket account.



ReRead is a 3rd party app that sends you reminders of reading material to read.  You can set the app to send you anywhere from 1 to 10 links, on a daily basis or a specific day once a week. You can also set how old the Pocket items should be (from 2 months to 2 years) After you read the article Reread can automatically archive those stories if you choose.


Read Articles Faster with Keyboard Shortcuts

When reading your Pocket articles on your computer in a browser on a PC or Mac use the following handy keyboard shortcuts to quickly manage your content:

a: Will archive items

f: will mark an article as favorite

g + b: Bulk edit articles

Command + or Control +: will increase text size:

Command – or Control -: Will decrease text size:

o: Allows you to view original web page


Read Articles Offline

The cool thing about pocket is once you’ve downloaded articles to the app, you can read them anytime, anywhere with or without WiFi.


Pocket TTS

Too tired to read and want to listen to articles instead? Pocket’s mobile apps can read any article aloud, whenever you want. Open Pocket’s menu, then tap the Listen (TTS) button. Of course, the TTS in Pocket is a robotic voice, similar to Siri.


These Pocket tips and tricks should help you read, discover and organize your reading material.  Enjoy reading with Pocket!


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