Top 8 Chrome Browser Tricks

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Written by: Zachary Amos, Contributor

There are many options Chrome provides to simplify tabs, windows and shortcuts. You’ll browse more efficiently and navigate faster with these browser tricks.

1. Name a Window
You never have to wonder which window is which if you name them. Every open window in Chrome can have one. To do it, click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your window. Hover over the “More Tools” option and select “Name Window” to continue. A pop-up will appear and you can type whatever you want to call it in the box. Check that you’ve done it by hovering over the Chrome icon in your taskbar.

2. Pin Tabs
Have you ever accidentally closed an important tab? Pinning them is simple and protects them from that fate. All you need to do is right-click on one and select “Pin.” You’ll know you’re successful when it slides to the left of everything else and becomes smaller. It’ll also only display the logo without any words. Once you’re done, you can only close the tab by exiting the window or selecting close on purpose. You can unpin it by right-clicking and selecting the “unpin” option.

3. Search While On a Website
Are you tired of going back and forth between looking things up and clicking on websites? Chrome has a feature that lets you scroll down the search results page on the same tab. Simply select the small box directly to the left of your profile icon — it says “Show side panel” if you
hover over it. Keep in mind you have to be on a website to use this tool. Click the drop-down menu at the top of the side panel and choose the “” option. It’ll open a search bar where you can continue looking for information, which is very helpful if you’re doing research. You can also close out of it whenever you’d like. You can also change if it’s located on the left or right of your window. Navigate to your settings and select “Appearance” to get your choices. It should say “Side panel” with the option to show on either side. Simply select which you’d like.

4. Create Shortcuts for Extensions
Shortcuts save you a ton of time, so it’s helpful that Chrome allows you to create some for your extensions. With 137,345 available options, it’s best to make it easy to access the ones you use most. Click the three dots at the top right of your browser, go to “More Tools” and navigate to “Extensions.” Once the new window pops up, go to the top left of the page where the three horizontal lines are and click it. You can then select “Keyboard shortcuts” and create one.

5. Reopen Old Tabs
Everyone’s accidentally closed a tab on accident before, but a few browser tricks let you access your history and open those tabs. You can use the shortcut Ctrl+H to open it instantly. Some computers require different key inputs for shortcuts. For example, some need you to press “command” instead of “Ctrl.” Alternatively, you can click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your window and hover over “History” to view all your recently closed tabs.

6. Turn on Energy Saver
There’s a Chrome browser trick for boosting your battery’s charge. Click the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your window, hover over the “More Tools” option and choose “Performance.” Determine whether you want to turn on the energy-saver option at a low charge or whenever your computer is unplugged.

7. Make a Shortcut
You can turn any website into a shortcut with a few mouse clicks. First, make sure you’re on the website you want to choose. Select the three vertical dots at the top right of your window, hover over “More Tools” and choose the “Create Shortcut” option. You’ll get a pop-up where you can name it.
Remember to check the option to make it open in a new window. It’ll add to your taskbar so you can access it quickly and declutter your tabs. 

8. Open Pages Automatically
Pages that open automatically save you a lot of time if you regularly open the same tabs. Go to settings and select “On Startup” to bring up your options. You can “Continue where you left off,” meaning you’ll open whatever you recently closed. The other decision is for specific pages. If you select that option, either choose to use the tabs you’re on currently or manually enter the URL of each page. You can set it to open a single page or multiple at once. The Best Chrome Browser Tricks Most of these tips protect you from little nuisances and make navigating much quicker. Whether making shortcuts or pinning tabs, the top Chrome browser tricks will save you time and make browsing easier.

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