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Troubleshooting Tips for Home Internet Users

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How often do you sit down at your computer or use your smartphone only not to connect to the internet? Instead of getting frustrated, why not use troubleshooting tips to figure out the problem and how to fix it.

Why Is Your Internet Not Accessible?

You are up to date with all your bills, so it can’t be the reason you cannot connect to the internet. Even your Wi-Fi is down. What could be the problem?

I don’t have one solution that will resolve the issue of your not being able to connect to the internet. There are several reasons. A home internet user is going to need to do some detective work to determine whether the cause is one of the below:

* Faulty wireless hardware
* Damaged cabling
* Malware
* Power supply issues or
* An internet outage

Where should you start? recommends going through a series of steps to get to the bottom of the problem.

Can You Load Other Websites?

Are you prone to panic attacks when you can’t connect to the internet and you have a meeting in ten minutes? I do. One thing you can do is try to access a couple of different websites. I start with Google and then might try Facebook or my client’s website. If I can successfully pull up one of the sites, I’m good to go on with my day. However, if you cannot load the sites, it’s time for you to try another troubleshooting step.

Check Your Settings on Your Phone, PC, or Tablet.

First, you want to check your wireless settings. Check that your device connects to the right router and that you have entered the correct username and password. You should have this information handy as you need valid credentials to get online. Router passwords can be complex and challenging to enter, so be careful when typing in those credentials.

Is Your Router On?

I have cats in my household. Invariably, they knock the router over, which shuts it off. One way to keep an eye on router power shutoffs is to reboot your router on a regular schedule. Home networking can be such a challenge sometimes. Do you have wired or wireless? I would recommend you not let your router be the source of a connectivity issue.

Make Tech Easier has more assistance for the home internet user who is trying to follow troubleshooting tips. Why not take a look below for a straightforward checklist once you get the basics down.

* Check the power on the router.
* Switch the router off and then back on.
* Call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to see if they are reporting any issues.
* Try an Ethernet cable if you are using Wi-Fi.
* If the Ethernet cable does not restore your connectivity, try using a different Ethernet cable to ensure you didn’t grab a faulty one by mistake.

Final Words

You did it! You went through the troubleshooting tips for home internet users. So, do you chalk it up to a lesson well-learned? You shouldn’t. Megabite has shared router maintenance tips with you to ensure your Wi-Fi Internet continues to run smoother and faster.

If your goal is to resolve computer connectivity yourself but are having trouble, we are here for you. One of the ways we help computer users is to help you solve network, wireless, internet, or printing problems. Our Business Services plan gives you onsite technical support at reasonable prices. If you would prefer, we also have Prepaid Support. Hurry! Get in touch with us now with our contact us link. You never know if we may need to raise our prices

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