How to undo and redo typing on an iPhone or Ipad

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How to undo and redo typing on an iPhone or Ipad


We’ve all been there typing along and suddenly everything we have typed is gone.  Panic sets in, maybe even aggravation over comes your being as you realize, or think you have lost precious minutes if not longer composing those perfect words you typed.

Well, no longer will you have to panic or be aggravated if this happens again.  The only aggravation you might have after reading this is realizing you never had to go through the inconvenience of lost typed words after all.

On the iPhone, if you want to undo typing or undo a delete mistake just shake your phone and the undo option will appear on your screen.  Simply tap on it, and everything you thought you lost reappears as if nothing ever happened.  Phew, what a life saver.


On the ipad, it’s a little bit more obscure.  You have to hit the 123 key and on the right of the keyboard you will see the undo button, simply tap on the word undo, and everything reappears the way it was before the mistake.

I hope this saves you from going into pure panic or aggravation mode in the future.

Until Next Time Megabite.

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