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Use Etsy to Buy and Sell Products

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So you have a small retail shop, and you want to move your shop into the world of online selling. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, Etsy is a very user-friendly platform because it is easy to use. But how do you use Etsy to buy and sell products?

How Do You Start?

Just like with any account, shop, or website, you need to register. Etsy will ask for the standard contact information and have you select your password following specific criteria, or you can continue with Google, Continue with Facebook, or Continue with Apple. We highly recommend you use our tips on how to keep your passwords safe.

Etsy will send you a confirmation email to confirm you have completed the registration process.

Can You Be a Buyer on Etsy?

Of course, you can. Etsy is all about helping you be either a buyer, seller, or, if you want, both. Accessible to people all over the world for the purposes of allowing you to make, buy, sell, and collect unique items. In addition, the Company’s goal is to present to you a small community where you can “experience a positive change for small businesses, people, and the planet.” Two other features that Etsy provides are support for independent creators and a secure place to run your Etsy online shop.

Do you love to shop? Etsy has 15 main categories that you can search for just what you need or want. Besides that, you can browse dozens of subcategories. You won’t find a concrete number of items you can purchase on Etsy as a buyer; however, at one point, I did see a figure of over 50 million products.

How to Become a Buyer on Etsy has provided the steps on how to become a buyer on Etsy that you can see below:

1. “Head to Etsy.
2. To find an item to purchase, you can browse through the categories at the top navigation bar or search for a specific item or shop in the Search field at the top of the site. You can also type in a particular shop’s web address.
3. You’ll need to browse through the search results or a seller’s page to find a product you’re looking for.
4. Once you’ve found a product, click Add to basket. You can choose to add a note to the seller, order the item as a gift, or apply shop coupon codes.
5. Once your order is ready, select your preferred payment method and click Proceed to checkout.
6. Finally, confirm your shipping address and payment details. If you’re not signed into your Etsy account, click Continue as a guest or Sign in, and enter your shipping and payment details.
7. Click Place your order. Now, you have successfully completed making your order and should receive your goods within the stipulated time frame.”

How to Be a Seller on Etsy

I was not surprised when I read on Influencer Marketing Hub that Etsy comes in at number 6 out of 15 for being an excellent place to sell products online. That’s right. Besides being a buyer, you can also be a seller. Here are the steps on how to use Etsy to sell products, again provided by

1. “Head to Etsy. Go to the top-right corner and click on Sell on Etsy.
2. Then click Open your Etsy shop.
3. Choose your shop’s language, country, and currency. The shop language you select will be the default language you use when selling your items. You can also add other languages as translations when describing your items after opening your shop.
4. When you’re finished, click on Save and Continue.
5. You now need to set up your shop name. Go to the search box and type in for a shop name. If a name is already taken, you’ll have to pick a new one.
6. Once you’ve chosen a name, click on Save and continue.”

You need to choose a name that associates with your brand and is unique to your business. Don’t use spaces, profanity, or special characters in the name. In addition, your shop name must be more than four characters and must be a maximum of 20 characters. You also cannot use another business’s trademark.

Additional Ways to Use Etsy to Sell Products

There are additional steps that you will need to learn if you are going to be a seller. Let’s take a look at what else you need to do to become a seller on Etsy.

* How to list an item on your Etsy Shop
* How to set up payments on Etsy
* Don’t forget to choose your keywords in tags, titles, categories, and attributes.

Now is your time to shine. has one final way for you to use Etsy to buy and sell products. Get out there and follow our steps to either become a buyer or a seller (or both). It’s easy, fun, and profitable. What are you waiting for?


Etsy is not the only marketplace you can buy and sell products, but it is one of the best to create and sell your handmade items online. And being a buyer is like being a child in a candy store. There are so many products. Go ahead. Megabite suggests you go now and use Etsy to buy and sell products.

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