Use Evernote to Help You Achieve a Zero Inbox

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Use Evernote to Help You Achieve a Zero Inbox


I recently wrote a blog on How to Achieve a zero Inbox using folders and archiving. Now I’m going to explain how Evernote can help you even more to achieve a zero inbox.

Evernote Plugin

Plug-ins are great tools that seamlessly help you become more productive, with just one or two clicks you can complete a task that might have taken four to five clicks.  Anything that saves time in my book is a great tool.
Evernote has plug-ins for just about every browser.  I use Chrome, and anytime I need to place something in Evernote all I have to do is clip the information and place it in the appropriate folder and tag. I no longer have to copy and paste not to mention locate the appropriate place I want to place the information.  If you prefer you can also email notes to your Evernote account.

Learn more how to email, emails to Evernote

Once you’ve configured your plugin, all you have to do is save your mail message as if you’re clipping a Web page. You can specify notebooks and set up reminders so you don’t forget about an important task.

If you are using the folder set up I described in How to Achieve a Zero Inbox earlier keep on using that method.  This method I’m about to explain is for emails such as daily and weekly recurring messages, status reports, and updates into specific Business notebooks you might have set for client’s information.  Also, you can send email receipts, hotel confirmations, and other expense documentation to easily file a reimbursement report or send to your tax folder in Evernote.

Here is my method to my madness

  1. Delete/unsubscribe to any emails I’m no longer interested in receiving.
  2. Answer, then archive or delete.
  3. Place emails in appropriate daily folders (see How to achieve a zero inbox)
  4. Clip emails to Evernote place in appropriate notebooks.

Good Tip:

The web/email clipping programs will default the name of the note to the subject of the email. In nearly every case, I change that. A note in Evernote called “Your Receipt” isn’t nearly as helpful as “Gas receipt 01/15/2017”.

Because it’s Evernote, I can easily get to everything on my Android, iPad, PC, or from any browser.

Secure your system
Evernote now works with the fingerprint reader, so even when your device is unlocked, a second fingerprint is required to open Evernote, so all your information is secure. (this is only if your device is equipped with a fingerprint reader.)

In this day and age, any system that simplifies locating important information with a couple of clicks is a must have!  When you save time with tools such as Evernote, your productivity will increase.

Until Next Time,

Karen Beth


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