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Use Message, Video, and Phone with RingCentral

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It’s time to use message, video, and phone with RingCentral

Choosing a company like RingCentral that can use message, video, and phone to handle the internal and external customers you have is a bonus. Being able to use all three methods will help with customer satisfaction, profitability, and retention. Let’s see how RingCentral uses communication with message, video, and phone as part of our introduction.

Increase productivity and use MVP with RingCentral

MVP is the epitome of how you can use message, video, and phone with RingCentral. Your teams can now work in the Cloud using a desktop or their apps. That’s what MVP is, you know. Here, let me show you below in the video.

Introduction to RingCentral’s plans and pricing

Let me give you the highlights of each product within each plan and pricing page. To begin, the essentials plan for $19.99 does not allow you to use message, video, and phone with RingCentral. You can use message and telephone. You don’t get into the message, video, and phone until you get into the Standard plan for $27.99. The next level is the Premium plan for $34.99. RingCentral does have one more method, but you need to contact sales to get the Ultimate Plan.

Each plan builds on the previous method. For example, with the Standard level, you get everything in the essentials program, plus some added features. The same thing occurs with the Premium; You get everything in Standard plus added features.

Each plan begins with a free trial. You choose to use message, video, or phone with RingCentral, and whichever level you use is billed per user per month. You can pay monthly or annually. Moreover, the quoted prices depend on whether you pay monthly or annually.

MVP with RingCentral is Adaptable

RingCentral not only serves the needs of one industry but it tailors solutions to multiple industries. If I didn’t miscount, there are eleven different industries, including financial services, healthcare, education, and government.

In addition to multiple industries, RingCentral also serves the needs of various audiences too. You may even be interested in trying their free RingCentral Webinar™, which is in beta.

Use the video part of the threesome

Meanwhile, it will be much easier if I introduce you to the video part of the equation if I share a video. Do you like that? Let’s do it.

There are two video plans – RingCentral Pro and RingCentral Pro+. If you want, you can start with the Pro and then upgrade at any time if you need to.

Now for phone, if you use MVP with RingCentral

Otherwise, we would be breaking up the MVP equation. Get ready to make calls and check voicemail quickly using the RingCentral desktop app. There are a few ways to make calls. You can tap on the phone icon if you want to call the person you are messaging with, or you can also manually dial with the keypad. If the person is already on your contacts list, you can type in their name.


We highly recommend you use message, video, and phone with RingCentral. We use both desktop and cellphone apps. It allows us to switch from phone to message or video no matter where you are or what you are doing. Your productivity will soar with the inclusive HD voice calling, SMS, fax, messaging, HD video meetings, and cloud storage on a single app.

You could say we are almost pros at using RingCentral. Contact us if you have any questions about the app or need help setting it up. Or call us at 904-430-0350.

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