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Do you try to repurpose your audio and videos into written content but don’t know how? It is possible, you know. The easiest way is to use artificial intelligence. Specifically, though, the best way is to use a company to create your audio and video transcription. By the way, the company you can use is…

Who Is Rev

Wikipedia describes Rev as this: “Rev is an American speech-to-text company that provides closed captioning, subtitles, and transcription services. The company, based in San Francisco and Austin, was founded in 2010 and raised $4.5 million in funding. Its 50,000 independent contract workers transcribe audio for a per-minute rate. The service is used by major companies including Amazon and Microsoft. PC Magazine named the service an “Editor’s Choice” in 2018, and ranked it as the best transcription service in 2019.”

What Does Rev Do? explains, “Today, Rev provides the unmatched combination of the world’s best automatic speech recognition artificial intelligence and the world’s largest community of speech-to-text freelancers.”

Explanation of Services

Rev is trusted across many industries including media, education, legal, and marketing. Many companies use their service because of the following reasons.

• Simple, Upfront Pricing
• Secure Online Servicing
• Speedy Delivery
• Guaranteed Top Quality
• Powerful Technology, and
• 24/7 U.S. based team assistance for support and customer service

What You Can Use For

This company combines the human element with artificial intelligence technology. You can order the following services – all at a reasonable cost:

• Audio/Video Transcription
• Rough Draft
• Captions for your videos
• Foreign Subtitles and
• Live Captions for Zoom

Did You Say 99% Accuracy?

Beginning with the upload of your audio file you want Rev to transcribe, the process of changing your audio to text is seamless to you. Thousands of qualified freelancers transcribe your files and send the transcript back to your inbox in a few short hours. The Company’s guarantee is that your transcription will be at least 99% accurate for audio files that are clearly audible. The finished audio to text file is delivered in their interactive online editor so you can use it immediately or download it for later use.

The accuracy guarantee is achieved due to real people doing the transcribing. All freelancers are evaluated for their grammar and transcription skills before being accepted into the employ of Rev. And this is all done quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively.

Overview of Real-Life Usage

See how Steve Dotto at adapts Rev to satisfy his own needs. The video is a little longer than we normally provide, but the content is well worth it. We hope you enjoy!

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