How to Use Virtual Training Hub

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How to Use Virtual Training Hub

Most of us have been there—the training video. Long, tedious, and often packed with outdated information from the 1990s, yet we’re still learning from it. With Virtual Training Hub by Google, you’ll be able to not only upload video, PDF, and other material but alter, add or remove material any time you wish. It’s just what you’ve been looking for in a time where shooting a new training video and spending $30,000 is out of the question. Google’s got your back, and we’ve got the details.

Getting Started

Simply go to Google’s Virtual Training Hub and sign in. Here, you can create your own website with drag and drop features. Take those files you have uploaded, like employee handbooks, photos of a happy customer experience, or whatever you’d like, and place them anywhere. You’re probably familiar with several website building platforms; this replicates the ease of use, but embeds your files into the site so your new employees can access it anywhere, anytime.

With your files in Drive, you can update them anytime so the material is in real-time that your employees can see and learn on their own. But, what if you want to have a live training session?

There’s an app for that, and you’re already familiar with it: Google Hangouts. You can use Hangouts to teach the material live, broadcasting to more than just one employee at a time. What makes it even better is the ability to use your Google Calendar to embed class schedules onto your Hub with little effort. It’ll update your employees about when the next class is, and save you time.

When your employees sign on, they can put their name on the attendee list for your training program. Here, relevant material, such as a meeting agenda, can be accessed once they’ve agreed to be a part of the live class.

Hello, Is Anybody Home?

Ever had an employee that seems to channel your words through one ear, and straight out the other? You think the conduit would run somewhere into their short-term memory, but alas, they can’t seem to remember anything you said, and I mean anything.

We’ve all been there, and it’s intensely frustrating. Using Google Forms, you can create a quiz to test your employees directly after their training sessions are finished. Whether they claim to have read the manual, or they attended a live virtual class with you, they’ll be tested by a series of questions of your choosing. Just select a premade template from their array of designs, create your questions, answers, answer explanations, and give points to each answer. You can get the results immediately emailed to you, for review. If you’d like, you can simply embed this into the home page of your Hub for all employees to see, or mass email it out after a live training session.

Two Way Files

Through Forms, you can request things from employees, such as identification cards, NDA forms, or whatever you need. It makes it a lot easier than them forgetting it before their first day on the job. You can use Forms to conduct feedback about your entire Hub, by the way, or work it into the quiz.

The Enterprise

Well, not the enterprise space ship, but the Enterprise plan. Through this plan you can use advanced software such as image recognition, data loss preventing, and more. As an administrator, you can easily secure sensitive data, and you’ll have the option to control how confidential information is shared, or isn’t. It’s your ball park.

The Basic plan starts at $5.00/month, Business at $10.00/month, and for the Enterprise plan, you’ll have to contact them for more details. It’s a little bit of a hassle to set up, but definitely worth it to enhance and streamline your overall experience.


If you’re in need of a fantastic and easy way for the employees of your growing company to access training material, submit documents to you, and just about everything in between. It’s recommended to go with the Business plan, unless your needs are extremely specific, in which case, opt for the Enterprise plan.


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