Video Messaging Meant to Amaze Customers

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Video Messaging Meant to Amaze Customers

Shep Hyken, “The New York Times” and “Wallstreet Journal” best-selling author for The Cult of the Customer, The Amazement Revolution, The Convenience Revolution, and his latest book, Be Amazing or Go Home has valuable words on what customer experience is and why video messaging is so important in building amazing customer experience.

According to Shep, the basis of customer experience arose from customer service. After some time, people began to think that customer service should be changed to customer experience. It begins with the entire experience you have with a company, brand, family or friends all through your interactions with them.

Video Messaging Creates Amazing Relationships

Just what does it mean to do something amazing. It is consistency and predictability with better than average results. It demonstrates that you are confident and that you can and will provide a pleasurable customer experience, whether it is personally or for business. You need to create the experience and confidence to let that individual know that they can trust you. That is why video messaging creates amazing relationships.

So, who are you going to use for your video messaging? Megabite highly recommends BombBomb.

The Power of Video Messaging

Simple personal video breeds appreciation. An enormously powerful way to use video messaging is that you can send a quick video to someone you just met with from anywhere. You can also provide a brief recap of a telephone conversation you had with them. Providing the customer or client with key follow-up points that you had in your conversation with them gives them a sense of feeling that you care. They will be amazed that you went out of your way to contact them personally.

Visual Messaging with BombBomb

You can video message using BombBomb using Chrome, your Google Inbox or any mobile device. In addition, you can record from your webcam, or your screen. But wait! Maybe you want to record both? No problem. You can do that. Your communications will be clearer, more authentic – and effective.

Video Messaging Is Universal

Today’s families are connected in brand new ways, from emails and texting to FaceTime and Skype, and now video messaging. Megabite understands the importance of being able to share photos, videos, and memories with all generations of your family. Let us show you how video messaging can make your life easier.

Video Messaging Is Flexible

Once your piece is recorded, you can upload it to BombBomb within seconds. How much better could that be? Now, you can send it anywhere you want to, just like your email, Slack or whomever you use.

Final Words

Video messaging is so much more personal and engaging than your customer having to read words on a page. There is no interaction with reading. Video messaging takes you above that average customer experience that I mentioned earlier. This will amaze your customer.

But what about knowing who watches it or how long? BombBomb is very efficient at providing tracking statistics such as when an individual watches your message, how long they watched it and more.

Record, send and keep track of your video messages with BombBomb. You will be pleased with the results…and so will your customers and family and friends. Take your personal and business relationships to a new level – a customer experience that is meant to amaze.


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