Video Messaging – Who Can Businesses Use?

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Remember when we presented to you a blog post about video messaging and how it can amaze customers? In that same post, we talked all about video messaging with BombBomb. Now let’s take a look at a different video messaging for businesses called Vox.

Vox was created by Zelbee, a voice-first Software as a Service (SaaS) startup on July 16, 2020. Zelbee itself was founded by Nico Phair in 2018. They have an objective to provide brands with the necessary tools they need to listen to their customers and encourage them to participate in real, human conversation. Zelbee launched Vox because they wanted businesses to have the ability to use the extremely powerful communication tool – the human voice.

Video Messaging Features in Abundance

I can’t imagine why I would want to text message when it is so much easier to voice message. Telbee thinks so too. Their goal is to make the Internet more personal, you know, more human by using technology to help your business create relationships, not exchange them.

Let’s face it. People feel more comfortable and have more trust with someone they are speaking with. To encourage that trust, Telbee has the following reasons for establishing their startup.

• Talking and listening should not be hard to do.
• Customers should not get frustrated when using technology.
• The bottom line is that relationships are the driver for profit.
• Use Telbee to capture potential leads and build rapport with customers.
• People love to talk. Text messaging is more and more being replaced by voice messaging because it’s more personable, it’s convenient, it’s fast and the Internet is always open.
• Video messaging can be used to convert sales, get help from support, get a good digital education, utilize talent management, create your own podcasts and radio, and get feedback.
• Not to mention, Telbee video messaging with Vox is robust and easily affordable.


Telbee Pricing

Pay plans are available on a monthly or yearly basis. Do they have a free plan? Yes, they do.

Telbee pricing has three different plans a business can choose from – Free, Starter, or Team.

If you like, you can start with the free plan to see if voice messaging will work for you and then upgrade at any time if you need more options. Each upgrade will give you more Vox minutes and transcription minutes.

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