Vivaldi Browser

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Vivaldi Browser


I am so excited! Today, Megabite Computer Services is going to introduce you to the Vivaldi Web Browser. Remember when we introduced Brave Browser to you? Well, depending on your wants and needs, Vivaldi Browser may even be better.

First, let me tell you a little about Vivaldi. Then we’ll show you some features and may even do some comparisons.

About the Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi has extraordinarily strong beliefs on what their company is all about. Here, let me show you:

“We believe that many people want to customize and tweak every square inch of their browser to make it their own. They want access to advanced tools without sacrificing performance or security. And they want to be heard. 

“We’re building a browser that is powerful, personal, and flexible. A browser that adapts to you, not the other way around.” 

Enter in the Features of Vivaldi Browser 

Now, I am a die-hard user of Chrome. While I also use Microsoft Edge and Firefox, I am most comfortable with Chrome…but I don’t like being tracked all over the Internet – and Google (owner of Chrome) is famous for spying on you. And…they are not the only companies tracking you.

With the no tracking that I already mentioned, you also get a built-in ad blocker (right in your browser!), secure sync with end-to-end encryption, and even more.

Do you open lots of tabs in your browser? Well, with Vivaldi, you can stack tabs, tile tabs, and have vertical tabs which all means that you have complete control on how you want to group, show or interact with your tabs.

There are so many more features that you can enjoy. Even though iPhone users do not have the luxury of being able to download Vivaldi, your Android is ready and waiting to take advantage of this versatile browser.

I bet you are curious about what other features Vivaldi has. I know I was, so I went to their page that describes them in list format.

Compare Vivaldi Against Brave  

I always find that sometimes the best way to compare something is to hear and see the differences for myself. So, I’m calling on YouTube to help me out. Then it is up to you my friends. Which one is going to meet your needs?


Beginners – Why You Need Vivaldi Browser  

I am actually going to include 2 videos here – one pertaining to the desktop computer. Also, because I know a lot of you use an Android as a cell phone, I’m also going to have a short one for Android.

The one thing I want to say here is that using your Android for your cell phone has become an acceptable practice. As a matter of fact, the importance of IT Mobility has skyrocketed recently. According to Security Intelligence, “Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) use mobile technology at just about the same rate as enterprises. According to IDC’s 2019 Enterprise and SMB Mobility survey, 62 percent of employees at SMBs use smartphones for work purposes, just slightly behind enterprises at 64 percent.”

Here is what Megabite Computer Services recommends that you think about. Which browser do you use – not just for your PC, but also Mac,  and Android. Then choose what you need to successfully run your personal or business use. Need help with choosing? Call us to get your tech advice.

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