Warning-Don’t store sensitive information on Trello Public Boards

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Don’t store sensitive information on Trello Public Boards


A couple of days ago we became aware of individuals and companies that are putting sensitive information on public Trello boards are vulnerable to hacks.  It’s just not safe to put any sensitive information on any public board.

I know, companies and individuals use these types of apps to keep organized and store sensitive information and then share with coworkers, but If the board is marked public it is being indexed by all the search engines and anyone can find them easily and have access to all information on that board.

In this day and age, we all have to be careful about what information we put on any type of storage system that we share with other individuals.  Hackers can easily cause havoc if they get ahold of any sensitive information such as website login and passwords, unfixed bugs and security vulnerabilities, credentials of social media accounts, and email accounts.

Here is the article explaining the vulnerabilities in detail.

Please do yourself and your clients a favor and DO NOT store sensitive information in any type of shared database.  If you must share passwords with others try Lastpass Teams.  You can safely share passwords with certain individuals.  If you need to share other sensitive information try Google drive and share the folder or file with people of your choice.

Remember, it’s your responsibility to keep all sensitive information safe and secure.

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