Waze GPS Navigation – All You Need To Know

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Waze GPS Navigation – All You Need To Know

“Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app.” – Waze.com

The claim to fame is true; Waze, acquired by Google in 2013, is the largest traffic, mapping, and navigation app around. Powered by users just like you, and backed a dedicated team, you’ll expect to get the most out of your ride every time with Waze.

Community-driven App

Waze isn’t just about navigating properly. It’s a social app, first and foremost. This allows users to report issues such as downed power lines, accidents, and other instances, which further drives the fact that Waze is far more reliable for these reports than other similar apps. Don’t get jammed-up in three different traffic situations on the way home. It’s a twenty-minute community, not two-hour commute. Save time, frustration, and gas with the traffic navigation.

Sick of “You Are Not On A Road” From Your Car’s GPS System?

There’s a constant effort to supply the best experience possible, and to do so; the Waze team has taken one of the most aggravating features of GPS navigation out of the equation. You’re driving down the road; your GPS system politely notifies you that you’re not on a road.  With Waze, the likelihood of you hearing that dreaded message and wondering if the GPS even knows where you are is null to none.  With near real-time updating in the ever-changing world around us, the community is on it.

Gas and Go

By far, one of the most innovative features which are cognizant of gasbuddy.com and other similar tools is the gas preference setting. You can input information on your preferred grade of gasoline, brand of gas station, and organize them by price and distance. Since gas prices are always changing, it’s an underused, yet effective and handy portion of the app that doesn’t get a whole lot of spotlight.

Notify Friends of Your ETA

Send an ETA with the cleverly-named option, “Send ETA,” so you’ll be able to notify friends and family of your expected arrival time. Because Waze is widely social, it updates your ETA dependent on how much traffic is in the upcoming areas, and updates accordingly. If your friend or family member is also rocking the Waze app, it’s the perfect way for them to check your live ETA (with your permission, of course,) and know if you’re jammed in traffic, if a power line is down in your path, or what have you. That way, you won’t get ticketed for texting and driving when you’re letting them know that you’re running late—they’ll already know. During the hurricane Irma, the owner of Megabite used Waze to evacuate and kept his family and friends informed.

Once you try Waze, you will never go back to your old GPS again.

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