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Weekly Recording Platform Called Weekdone OKR App

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You know what you need to do, but how? You’ve set a goal and mapped out a plan to achieve it. To get things moving, you need a roadmap outlining your next steps and the dates you’ll reach them. Keeping track of your progress is easier if you have an objective for each milestone of your plan. Likewise, if you’re tracking the progress of multiple initiatives at once, it makes sense to have key reporting platforms aligned with those objectives. This article offers insights into the importance of what Weekdone is and how to use this powerful weekly recording platform.

Why use a weekly recording platform?

A weekly recording system lets you log your actions and take notes on activities. It’s an excellent tool for tracking your daily tasks and taking notes. Keep an ongoing log of your work, access your tasks and projects from anywhere, and generate reports from your data. Recording platforms like Weekdone OKR make it a breeze to manage Objectives and Key Results. If you’re an entrepreneur, project manager, or someone who works in a creative field, you know the importance of managing quarterly objectives and weekly updates,

Weekdone’s OKR’s value proposition

Weekdone provides the tools and data you need to manage your projects and activities while keeping teams on track. For example, you can assign tasks to your team members, see who’s working on what, and follow their progress.

Working with OKR

Weekdone has two major parts to it –quarterly objectives and weekly planning. Using the two together lets you control your weekly activities and see how those activities help you reach your long-term quarterly goals.

Weekdone’s workflow

Logging into Weekdone takes you to your dashboard, where you can immediately see everything that you need to know. You can create your personal goals when you first click on your objectives section. The next step would be to add your goals.

Essential to Weekdone OKR is once you add your objectives, you must add key results. By default, the OKR software automatically adds a completion percentage. But you can change the weight or type values at any time. As you work on the key result, you can change how you are doing by dragging and dropping the progress bar to track your achievement. In addition, you can add more OKRs for other teams, your department, and company levels.

Do you want to add a comment? You can add comments to your or others’ objectives and key results. There is no problem with that.

The Value of Reporting

The Weekdone OKR has robust reporting. You can tell at a glance how your company is doing in its quarterly objectives. You can see right away how many of the objectives are on track, as well as how many of them are in jeopardy of failing to succeed.


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Conclusion: Stay on track to reach your goals

Weekdone is a powerful tool for tracking your quarterly objectives and weekly plans. You can use it to track your projects and goals and generate reports from your data. Moreover, with a weekly recording platform, you can see who is doing what, whether tasks are on target, and how those weekly tasks are in sync with your long-term objectives.

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