What are Task Management Apps?

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Whether it’s for personal, organization, or part of a team project, task management apps are fundamental to the modern era of project management. It used to be all that you’d need is a staff meeting underneath florescent lighting and a craft service table to the side that never seemed devoid of donuts. We’re well into the 21st century and that image is now only the basic setting for pushing a project forward. In order to stay on top of productivity and ensure task assignments aren’t mishandled or miscommunicated, the world of technology has allowed for a constant, full-throttle experience that takes management outside of the conference room and places it squarely inside our pockets and on our desktops.

Let’s start with the most important part: what is a task management app NOT? A task management app is not an end-all solution to your management woes. The best task app in the world isn’t going to fix communication issues if the team doesn’t put forth the effort and genuinely use the app. Sometimes users prefer to place items and deadlines in the task management app calendars and forget about it until the notification alarm goes off. This kind of usage, or lack thereof, leaves dozens of valuable tools unused and renders the app ineffective. It basically becomes a calendar you can share with your team and occasionally chat for vague updates. That is not what you want. Assuming you want to maximize productivity and push your project forward like never before, what you want is to utilize all the tools any given task management app has to offer, such as real-time syncing, live collaboration, and organized checklists that can be shared.

If that sounds intimidating or like it’s too much, perhaps we should take a step back.

When you look closely at some of the more mainstream task management apps on the market today, such as Asana and Todoist, you’ll notice they’re all different but feature one shared trait: they’re simple to use. Each well-functioning task app prides itself on its usability and the fact that just about anyone in your office or on your team can jump on board and take control with their work. Not everyone “gets” technology but can still contribute to the group.

I point all of this out because I want to eliminate the stress and hesitation that may come with starting a project’s key checkpoints via a task app. They’re made for ease, and that means they’re made for everyone.

With that said, don’t mistake ease for some sort of primitive option. There are, in fact, a lot of advanced features that come with most task apps. Over the course of this short series, we’ll examine the multifunction advantages to the top four task management apps in your preferred application store, be it for Apple, Android, Windows, etc. Task management apps aren’t only the futuristic way of handling your projects today, but it’s the best way to guarantee everything gets done, efficiently and on time.

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