What is email bankruptcy and when should you consider it?

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You cannot ignore the fact that email bankruptcy is a necessity at times. Email bankruptcy, in the traditional sense, is when you have so many emails that you cannot keep up or deal with them. You either select all your mail and mark them all as read or you delete them just to get rid of them. Is this the best plan of action?

Many of our clients who come in for help from Megabite Computer Services with email overload have a fear of deleting emails for two reasons. The first is there is a lot of fear in not knowing how to use features such as achieving or storing emails somewhere else for reference. There is also the false notion of needing to keep your emails in the inbox. You do not have to do this!

In addition, many people do not know how to use spam filters, and more. Did you know you can enable spam filtering? When you enable email filtering, you allow the software to decide whether an incoming email bumps up against red flags that signal spam/phishing content. The software will then automatically move those emails to a separate folder.

Although no spam filtering solution guarantees 100% effectiveness, a business email system without spam filtering is virtually unusable. By stopping them from reaching your mailbox in the first place, your spam filter offers an additional layer of protection to your users and you.

Do you ever feel like you just cannot get a handle on spam? If you are a business, you may be interested in cloud-based spam filtering services.

To show my age, I had a Hotmail account. It was an email I had set up back in middle school; and as I got older and became an adult, my email inbox kept getting larger and larger. When I first started with email, I might have gotten maybe 10 emails a month.

I wish that was the case per day now. That email address was getting about 100 emails a day. At first, I just ignored the deluge and created a new email address. One of the reasons I did this was because my Hotmail account became unmanageable for me. I just didn’t have the time and effort that would be needed to get it in order.

To quote one of my beloved mentors, my job is not email. So the best course of action for me was to file email bankruptcy. By starting over, it allowed me to decide from the beginning what kinds of emails I wanted to receive and what kinds of emails I wanted blocked. Then, of course, there is the email I don’t need coming into my inbox by default.


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