Why Data Backups Are Essential

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You sit down at your computer and turn it on and nothing happens. Nada. Your computer has crashed. Now, if you complete regular backups, you are in fine shape. That is why data backups are essential.

What Is a Data Backup

According to Wikipedia, a data backup is, “In information technology, a backup, or data backup is a copy of computer data taken and stored elsewhere so that it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event. The verb form, referring to the process of doing so, is “back up”, whereas the noun and adjective form is “backup”.[1] Backups can be used to recover data after its loss from data deletion or corruption, or to recover data from an earlier time.[2] Backups provide a simple form of disaster recovery; however not all backup systems are able to reconstitute a computer system or other complex configuration such as a computer cluster, active directory server, or database server.”

Causes for Necessary Backups

Accordingly, backups do not happen from one cause. There are multiple reasons. With this in mind, let’s look at some examples of these causes.

• Technology Failures
• Human Error
• Natural Disasters
• Cyberthreats
 Data Breaches
 Malicious Attacks
 Passwords Get Lost
 Compromised Accounts
 Cyberespionage
• Theft
• Overheating
• Mobile Gadgets Break or Get Wet

As we have mentioned before, you have the upper hand if you follow the 3-2-1 Rule when doing your backups.

What Should You Backup

Essentially, there are many different types of files and folders that you should backup, both personally and for your business. With this in mind, let’s look at some examples.


 Address books
 Pictures
 Videos
 Music files
 Emails
 Documents
 Spreadsheets
 Financial databases
 Tax Obligations


 Customer Databases
 Configuration Files
 Machine Images
 Operating System
 Registry Files
 Company Branding

Best Types of Data Backup

What is Data Backup and Why is it Important? Video

To start with, I like reading about what MacSparky has to say about the backup solutions he uses for his Mac. Within the article I read, he mentions Time Machine, ChronoSync, Seagate Storage and Backblaze.

To put it another way, there are actually two different types of backups – local and cloud. Break these down even further, and you find that there are the following types of backups:

 Full Backups
 Incremental Backups
 Differential Backups
 Synthetic Full Backups
 Mirroring

Meanwhile, some types of backups are better than others in performing your backup.

Final Words About Why Data Backups Are Essential

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