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Why Use LinkedIn in the Business World

April 1, 2022 8:07 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Many people in the business world rave about LinkedIn. But what is LinkedIn, and more importantly, why use LinkedIn in the business world? There are multiple benefits and a few disadvantages to using it.

What Is LinkedIn

Let’s look at how Wikipedia answers this question. “LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. Launched on May 5, 2003, the platform is primarily used for professional networking and career development, and allows job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs.”

In contrast, LinkedIn says this about itself. “LinkedIn is a platform for anyone looking to advance their career. The online application includes people from various professional backgrounds, such as small business owners, students, and job seekers. LinkedIn members can use LinkedIn to tap into a network of professionals, companies, and groups within and beyond their industry.”

Why use professional networking in the business world?

Wikipedia and LinkedIn gave us hints as to why you would want to use LinkedIn in the business world; however, this powerful website and app has a lot that other social media applications don’t have.

First of all, Microsoft owns LinkedIn. Secondly, the website is for professional businesspeople.

LinkedIn Connect to Opportunity Video

What are the different parts of LinkedIn?

Do you have your own business? That is an excellent reason why you should use this powerful social media platform, and it only takes six easy steps.

1. To begin with, create your profile.

Your goal should summarize your professional experience to everyone you know and even people you don’t know. That can include current and future employers, recruiters, and networking. The profile allows you to showcase your professional life, milestones, skills, and interests.

2. Build your network.

Your network plays a critical part in unlocking the power of LinkedIn. It’ll help you understand what is happening in your industry and professional circle. You can start by adding your family, friends, past or current classmates, and coworkers to your network. You can also follow people, companies, or topics by navigating directly to the Follow fresh perspectives page. A good reason why you want to use LinkedIn is that the online app provides you with a host of resources to follow. You can use the LinkedIn Events feature to create and join professional Events. To summarize, keep track of your online workshops, seminars, sales and marketing Events, networking Events, etc.

3. Find a job.

Did they downsize you at your old company, and you need a new job? LinkedIn is just the place to show off your capabilities, knowledge, and skills. LinkedIn says you can use them to research companies and reach out to the hiring community. In addition, you can also apply directly for roles, save job searches, and notify your connections and recruiters that you’re open to job opportunities.

4. Participate in conversations.

It’s not hard to understand why you should use LinkedIn. Share your perspective on relevant issues and topics with others. You can like and comment on posts and articles on LinkedIn. In other words, you can talk with people. You can create or join LinkedIn Groups to connect and grow with members who share your interests, experiences, or aspirations. Oh, one more thing. You can utilize lightweight expressions called LinkedIn reactions (similar to emojis) to communicate with your network quickly.

5. Post content.

Let’s see, why use LinkedIn in the business world? Are you beginning to see the benefits? According to LinkedIn, millions of members come to LinkedIn every day to connect, learn, and share. You can empower and educate your professional circle with the content you post on LinkedIn in either posts or articles. You can also share your thoughts and ideas with LinkedIn members using the share box.

6. Sign up now!

LinkedIn has two different pricing options. They let you sign up for an account for free. If you upgrade to a Premium subscription, you’ll gain further access to products and features. Paid subscriptions include marketing, recruitment, sales, and learning products. You can try LinkedIn Premium for free for a month, but I don’t think it is necessary. I am on the Basic free option.


The question we set out to answer is “Why use LinkedIn in the Business World?” How do you think we did? Overall, we covered six steps as our reasoning as to why you should. They are listed below as a recap.

1. Create your profile.
2. Build your network.
3. Find a job.
4. Participate in conversations.
5. Post content.
6. Sign up now!

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