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Why We Suggest Fastmail

March 5, 2022 2:22 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Gmail has its advantages; however, it has one big drawback; Google likes to track everything! That’s just one reason we suggest Fastmail.

Features That We Suggest for Fastmail

To begin with, experience better privacy with email aliases and custom addresses: you@yourdomain. For example, you can protect yourself from tracking, data leaks, and spammers with plenty of alternative addresses that keep your main address private. Fastmail lets you use your own domain, create email aliases, or Masked Email. Consequently, your productivity will increase dramatically when you use Fastmail.

Where you can use Fastmail

1. Access your account from anywhere.

Oh my, you were at a meeting with your boss and found that you left your laptop at home. You should be able to and have complete control over your data and identity, right?

We suggest Fastmail because you can still get your account from anywhere. It’s accessible to:

> Use Fastmail in your web browser.
> Download mobile apps for iOS and Android.
> Continue to use favorite desktop apps like Outlook or Apple’s Mail app.
> Own your online identity

2. Use your domain.

You should have a personal domain. Why? You own it, you manage it, and you control it. Here are a few more reasons we suggest Fastmail:

> The email address you choose is yours forever.
> Bring in up to 100 domains on one account for no additional cost.
> Get even more addresses with aliases. Aliases let you put anything you’d like before or Your reply will automatically be from the address your sender used. And how many aliases can you have with Fastmail accounts? You can have as many as you want, up to 600.

Furthermore, there are even more features.

3. We suggest Fastmail because…

> Fastmail has loads of email options.
> Your full-featured email inbox tools are geared to maximize your speed and efficiency.
> An email inbox helps you work quickly and efficiently.
> Never lose an important email with pinned messages.
> Keep all related mail together with easy-to-follow conversations.
> Create rules that you can use to send mail straight to folders. In addition, your emails have powerful, automated sorting options.
> Breeze through your day with keyboard shortcuts.
> Find anything you’d expect from a modern email service. Additionally, you have features like vacation responses, signatures, templates, anti-spam protection, and more.

4. Calendars are as flexible as you want them to be.

Calendars are helpful as a tool you can use to stay organized. It would be nice to have all your calendars in one place. Go ahead. That is not a problem. Besides that, arrange your views by monthly, weekly, daily, and agenda views. Search your heart out for those elusive occurrences you’ve had or even be able to see around the corner into the future.

Oh, did I mention you can share your calendar with whom you wish?

5. Your contact features are awesome.

You can do everything you would expect to with your contacts. Who is essential on your list of frequent users? You can choose those people by priority and be notified when they email you.

Not only that, you can update your address book directly from emails you have already received using auto-save options, but you can also share with other users on your account.

We Suggest Fastmail because it is for both Personal use and Business use.

Let’s talk about pricing.

The options for businesses are just as flexible as they are for personal accounts. Please take a look at Fastmail’s pricing page to see for yourself everything that is available.

Comparatively, from the Company’s Basic Plan to their Professional Plan, you get a huge variety at a reasonable price for each tier. I can also tell you that Fastmail offers a 30-day free trial, even if you decide to pay today.

Final Thoughts

Why do we suggest Fastmail? First of all, let’s refresh our memory on the flexible options within their site capabilities. We started by saying that Fastmail is not tracking happy. There are many prevalent reasons to at least try this email application. We explained that Fastmail is convenient because you can use it anywhere. Next, you can have your own domain.

The email features are exceptional, and the calendar and contact features are no less incredible. Finally, we shared that the email application is for personal usage, and you can also use it for business practice.

Contact us if you have any questions, mainly if you are unsure whether or not Fastmail would meet your needs. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have. You can also call us at 904-430-0350

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