Why you need a surge protector

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Why You Need a Surge Protector

11 outlet surge protector

In the back of your mind do you worry about your computer being fried by a surge of electrical power? If you answered No, you should be worried. Electrical surges are the demise of a lot of computers. Power surges occur whenever the wiring in your home or office experiences brief jolts of high electrical voltage. Have you ever noticed lights flickering in your home or office? That is a power surge.  Every time a power surge happens your electronics are damaged a little or a lot depending upon the severity of the power surge, causing the life of your devices to dwindle after each occurrence. Or, if the surge is large enough it can destroy the components in your computer/electronics.

Using a surge Protectors is like putting a firewall between your electronics and electrical surges. A surge protector acts as a wall that stops the damaging surge of electricity from getting to you devices components, potentially saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Below are Megabite’s surge protector recommendations.

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Word of caution, Power Strips are not the same thing as a Surge protector.  Power strips don’t stop power surges from getting to your electronic devices.  

Protecting your investments with a surge protector is the smart thing to do.

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