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Why You Should Get Bitwarden Web Vault

February 4, 2022 1:13 am Published by Leave your thoughts

As we enter into the second part of our examination of Bitwarden, we will explore why you should get Bitwarden Web Vault.

What Is Bitwarden Web Vault

Bitwarden explains that you and organizations can get the best experience. The only way you can set up a two-step login or manage the administration of an organization is through the vault.

You can access your vault from any modern browser by going to vault.bitwarden.com. In addition, if you are self-hosting Bitwarden, you can access it from your configured domain.

When you first log into Web Vault, the first page you will see is My Vault, where you have access to all your vault items. This includes logins, cards, identities, and secure notes. Effectively managing your items in your vault is vital to ensuring your data is safe. To clarify, you have seamless access to your information, and you can safely share your content with the people you want to share.

What Is So Good About It?

Multiple reasons make Vault a practical application to have. To explain, according to Bitwarden, there are six primary reasons why you should get Bitwarden Web Vault.

1. Accessibility

You can access your Vault from anywhere using any device. All you need to do is go to vault.bitwarden.com and log in using your username and primary Bitwarden password. You do not need anything else but an internet connection.

The web vault is not a typical web page. Instead, it is an actual Bitwarden client application that supports end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption. Whichever device you run Web Vault on uses JavaScript, and your data is encrypted when sent and received. That means only you have access to the Vault data using the key generated by your master password.

2. Rich features and functionality

Your Bitwarden Web Vault has lots of features and functions. To name a few, you have two-step login, organization creation and management, and subscriptions. Companies can set up business options like enterprise policies and SSO integration. The web vault supports multiple selections at once. For example, moving many items from your vault to a collection or adjusting the permissions of various users is quick and easy.

3. Quickly transmit secure information

A key feature, Bitwarden Send, enables users to transmit secure data to anyone. A perfect example is if you need to share sensitive tax documents with your accountant. Using Bitwarden Send ensures your encrypted tax documents are shared with your accountant in a safe format. We will talk about Bitwarden Send in our next Bitwarden post.

4. Monitor vault health and access valuable tools

The Tools section in Bitwarden Web Vault uses the password generator to help you create strong and unique passwords. Utilizing the generator for creating passwords for all your accounts is a good idea as you can easily and quickly set up passwords to follow the website’s requirements.

Additionally, Import and Export options simplify the migration from other password managers. Read about all your import options in the Help Center.

Monitor your vault health to identify any vulnerabilities with logins, passwords, and usernames. Reports options are multi-level and give you complete control over monitoring the health of your vault. Below is a list of the reports.

Exposed Passwords Report
Reused Passwords Report
Weak Passwords Report
Unsecured Websites Report
Inactive 2FA Report:
Data Breach Report

5. Adjust settings for your whole Bitwarden account and organization

Specifically, let’s not stop here in our search for why you want to consider Bitwarden Web Vault in your security toolbox. All your settings are in one place, including those for any organization you manage. You can access even more options in the Settings window that can only be accessed through My Vault.

6. No downloads or extensions required

Do you have to download anything or install extensions to enjoy Bitwarden’s Web Vault end-to-end encryption? No. Why not? Basically, it is because it’s web-based. You only need to have a modern browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge that most devices already have installed. Therefore, You can feel at ease should you need to use a friend’s laptop or a work laptop and not deal with install permissions.

In other words, as I mentioned above, we are going to examine Bitwarden Send. If you have any specific questions you want to know about it, let us know; and we will try to find out the answer. You can call us at 904-430-0350.

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