why should you have a personal domain

Why You Should Have a Personal Domain

December 28, 2021 5:18 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There are many reasons why you should have a personal domain. To name a few, a personal domain gives you control, accountability, visibility, credibility, and more.

A Personal Domain Is…

A personal domain is a domain that you own. You manage it and you use it to be you on the Web. Why is that important? The following reasons will give you a clear understanding on why you should consider buying your own domain for your family or business.

Just because you have a personal domain doesn’t mean that it is only for your own personal use. Since your personal domain is yours, that means you basically can do anything you want with it. Use it for a business, show off your creativity, provide a web space that you can use to connect with family globally, or even set up a domain using your child’s first name and last name. Put a lock on your child’s name before someone else does.

Your Own Email

You own and control your email. That means the information received and sent is yours alone. Your email address will display as being connected to your domain – not some host like one of the big wigs (GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.)

Personal Branding

Unlike Facebook you have full control of your online presence. In addition, you can control what people see about you first on other social media – and your content. For example, if you host your content on Twitter or Facebook or other media, you stand at risk of having people hack your account and hijacking your hard work. To avoid that, you want to post your content on your own personal domain. Social media platforms come and go. Other company’s or people’s blogs come and go as well.

Show Off Your Professionalism

Having your own personal domain is like having a living business card. Spread your wings and use your domain for a personal blog – or to host your resume. I assure you that Google will recognize your efforts and move you up in the page rankings.

Recommended Domain Host

Should you purchase any domains using our referral link below, we may receive a commission of the sales price of any product listed on Megabite.

As we have explained in a previous post, we recommend Hover.com since they don’t send a lot of junk email. This company should be your domain registrar of choice. Since they have been around since 2009, they are accomplished at what they do, and are reasonable in their pricing.

Hover.com is all about creating the personal domain that you want. Their customer service has superior customer support and the company offers free WHOIS privacy.

Oh, by the way. Hover.com has the perfect holiday gift for your family, friends, or colleagues. Why not give them the gift of their very own personal domain? They will thank you for your thoughtfulness and creativity in coming up with your very own unique present.

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