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Windows users have been enjoying the convenience of pairing their Android phones with their PCs using the Phone Link app. However, exciting news arrived recently for iPhone users:

Microsoft announced that Windows 11’s Phone Link app now supports iOS devices. This means that iPhone users can now connect their devices to their Windows PCs and enjoy features like mirroring messages, calls, and notifications, as well as seamless file transfers. In this essay, we
will explore how to pair your iPhone with Windows 11 and make the most of the Phone Link app.

Pairing Windows 11 with iPhone:
To begin the process of pairing your iPhone with Windows 11, it is important to note that currently, Phone Link for iOS is only available for Windows Insiders. If you wish to join the Windows Insiders program, you can navigate to Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider
Program. You will be prompted to select a channel: Dev, Beta, or Release Preview. For this purpose, the choice of channel doesn’t matter much, but remember that the Dev Channel offers the newest features, which may bring some instability to your PC.

Once you are in Windows Insider, follow these steps to set up Phone Link:
1. Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on for both your iPhone and PC.
2. Open the Phone Link app on Windows 11 and click on the iPhone option.
3. Follow the instructions provided to connect your iPhone to your PC using a QR code.
4. Confirm the Phone Link code displayed on your PC matches the one shown on your iPhone to ensure they are in range.
5. Grant Phone Link permission to access your iPhone, allowing your content to be synced with the app.

Features and Limitations:
Upon completing the installation process, your iPhone will be successfully paired with your PC, unlocking several functionalities. With Phone Link, you can make calls, send texts, and browse through your contacts. However, it is important to note that Phone Link does not currently support group message replies or sending media via texts.

With the recent update, Windows 11’s Phone Link app has expanded its compatibility to include iOS devices, allowing iPhone users to connect their devices to their Windows PCs. Through a simple pairing process, users can now enjoy the convenience of mirroring their messages, calls,
and notifications, as well as transferring files seamlessly. While certain features like group message replies and media sending are not currently supported, the availability of iMessage on Windows 11 brings greater integration and convenience to users across platforms.

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