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Work Smarter with Lucidchart

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Things sure have changed in brainstorming sessions. I remember when I was part of a team. It was our responsibility to collaborate and brainstorm around operational processes. Only at that time we didn’t have the benefits of digital. No, we used Post-it® notes and pasted them on a big wall chart. I don’t miss those days. Now you can work smarter with Lucidchart.

Work Smarter with Lucidchart

Now, wait a minute. Just who is Lucidchart? Lucidchart was co-founded by Ben Dilts and Karl Sun back in 2010. The goal was end-to-end visual collaboration. In addition, Lucidchart is part of a collaboration suite with the other two products you can check out if you wish.

Lucidchart has a game plan now and in the future. Overall, that plan empowers teams and companies of any size and location to see in a mirror where they are today and how they are successful in the future.

Brainstorming Becomes Easy

You don’t have to worry about using those little Post-it® notes. Unquestionably, an end-to-end visual collaboration solution allows you to create flowcharts and charts easily. You don’t have to download anything. You will be so much smarter with Lucidchart and be able to visually see your ideas, work faster and get support if you need it.

Versatile in action and pricing

Particularly impressive is that you can feel comfortable using it, and you don’t have to worry about pricing. It all depends on what your needs are and what you should go with. For example, you have four plans: start with Free, progress on to Individual, and then go even further, if you need them, to Team or Enterprise.

Brainstorming – how to make it successful

According to Fortune, not everyone is the same when brainstorming. But there are five ways to make your brainstorming super effective. To begin with, let’s start with embracing structure.

Just letting everyone brainstorm with no structure does not usually equate to creativity and good ideas. Without a bit of guidance from the group leader, you can end up with everyone sitting silent and no ideas being generated.

Fortune says, “Providing this structure means your teams can think outside the box, making it easier to pivot quickly, adapt to changes to meet customer needs, and find unique solutions for your organization’s problems.”

Attract a diversity of perspectives

Equal thinking kills innovation. If you bring the same five people to the table having the same views, you likely will not hear fresh ideas to move your business ahead. Each team member offers a different background, skill set, and expertise to foster brainstorming and ingenuity.

Establish an action plan to work smarter with Lucidchart

Fortune did their own research. Here is what they said. “Our own research found that 83% of remote workers came up with a great idea in a team brainstorm but never saw any follow-through. What’s more, 70% of remote workers reported they had an idea that never made it into the notes and, therefore, wasn’t addressed in next steps.”

Creating an action plan that outlines the following steps and assignments is essential. Why? The results will help to support the team, keep projects moving ahead, encourage accountability, and, in turn, bring the project to completion.

Encourage visual collaboration

Having a successful brainstorming session with remote workers helps if they are grouped into a shared virtual space. For example, Fortune uses projects, priorities, and is laid out so the team can see things. The benefits of doing this are that the team members understand quicker, which helps everyone align faster.

Utilizing virtual whiteboards is helpful because everyone can hear, see, and act on the presented thoughts. This is the opposite of what happens in in-person brainstorming sessions. There is usually one person that does the role of recording and interpreting. As a result, this slows everyone down. So, using a virtual whiteboard can see the whole process from beginning to end.

Lucidchart typically uses visual sharing globally. Even if someone can’t attend, they can always access the board later.

Create a culture of trust

The last tip is to create a culture of trust. If you really want to encourage originality, it will not happen unless you trust the team members. If the participants feel comfortable sharing their ideas, it makes for better brainstorming. In turn, that boosts teamwork, boosts creativity and ownership, and elevates corporate culture, and allows everyone to work smarter with Lucidchart.


Our conclusion is that brainstorming is easy with Lucidchart while being flexible in action and pricing. We then went into suggestions on having a successful completion with brainstorming. We started with attracting a diversity of perspectives and establishing an action plan. From there, we encouraged visual collaboration and ended up creating a culture of trust.

To put the icing on the cake, we stated you can work smarter with Lucidchart. But if you have any issues with understanding the concepts of brainstorming and flowcharting, contact us, and we’ll be glad to share our advice.

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