World Backup Day!

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World Backup Day is March 31st


What would you do if you lost everything on your computer, smartphone or tablet?  The majority of us own a computer, smartphone or a tablet, yet only 1 in 4 people backup their information. Don’t be a victim of circumstance. Backup now before it’s too late.

What is a backup?

A backup is a separate copy of your important information and data that is stored on your devices.  Losing data is more common than you think, more than 60,000,000 computers will fail this year worldwide and over 200,000 smartphones will be lost or stolen.   What would you do if all your pictures, and documents were lost forever?

Ways to back up

  1.       External Hard Drive- You will need one that is larger than your computer hard drive.  Hook the external hard drive to your computer and perform a backup.
  2.       Online backup –  Companies like IDrive perform backups for you at scheduled intervals automatically so you never have to think about backing up again. Your files and folders will be synced in real-time across all the devices that you link using IDrive. Sync storage does not impact your backup storage and matches your backup storage limit.
  3.       Back up using OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or even Amazon Cloud Drive to backup pictures and a few documents.  These online backup solutions usually only allow you to upload a certain amount of files depending upon their storage amount limitations. They don’t offer real-time Sync; however, this is great for students and businesspeople who need to keep their most important documents safe.

We all have regrets in life, don’t let not having a backup of your precious documents and pictures be one of them. If you’re not sure which backup solutions is right for you, call us and we can help you decided which backup platform is best for your situation.

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