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You Should Be Wi-Fi Calling

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Drat! You went to make a phone call on your iPhone, and guess what? You either have a low signal or no signal at all. Now, what do you do? You should be Wi-Fi Calling.

iPhone Has Wi-Fi Calling

Did you know that your iPhone has the answer to your dilemma? It’s called Wi-Fi Calling. You don’t need a strong cellular signal. iPhone’s Wi-Fi Calling uses any wireless internet connection to make and receive calls. Your calling horizon has just significantly expanded.

You do need to have an iPhone 5c or later. Oh, and your wireless carrier needs to support this feature. You don’t know if the carrier does or does not support Wi-Fi? According to makeuseof.com, it is easy enough to verify accessibility.

To check wireless carrier support and features for iPhones in the United States and Canada, go here.

Do I have to Set Up Wireless Calling

Yes, but it is an easy thing to do. Of course, as we mentioned, you need to check with your wireless carrier to ensure availability. The next step is to select Settings > Cellular > Wi-Fi Calling. Toggle on Wi-Fi Calling on this iPhone.

Once you finish, you may need to enter or confirm your home address. You might ask why. First responders need to be able to locate your address if there is an emergency.

Making Phone Calls

So, you are ready and want to make a call. The good news is there is nothing special to use Wi-Fi Calling. makeuseof.com explains, “whenever the iPhone detects that the cellular signal is weak or non-existent, it will automatically switch over to Wi-Fi Calling.” What could be better? Well, maybe one thing makes it even better. There are no charges for using Wi-Fi Calling.

Okay, so look at your status bar. What you will see is Wi-Fi after the name of your carrier.

I’m sure you are already familiar with calling through your cell network. Calling using Wi-Fi is no different. Your phone number doesn’t change, plus Caller ID displays information connected to the cellular account.

Oh no! Your Call Dropped!

Don’t worry. If your call drops while you are using Wi-Fi Calling, that is alright. Your phone will automatically switch over to a cellular signal. That way, you won’t lose your call.

Other Devices for Wi-Fi-Calling

Your iPhone is not the only device you can use Wi-Fi Calling on. Again, the catch is that your carrier needs to support Wi-Fi. If the carrier supports iCloud-connected devices, you can take and place calls from other Apple devices like an iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Makeuseof.com gives us this information on how to set it up.

“To add another device, head back to Settings > Cellular. Then in the carrier section, select Calls on Other Devices. Toggle on Allow Calls on Other Devices.

Any available devices will appear under Allow Calls On. You can turn on each separately. WI-Fi Calling will automatically be enabled for any Apple Watch when you turn on Allow Calls on Other Devices.”

Final Words

No longer do you have to be afraid of being unavailable with no ability to make calls. The next time you reach for your iPhone and have zero or no cell phone service, remind yourself that you should be Wi-Fi calling. Never be disconnected from calling again.

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