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Remember when we introduced you to Signal, the privacy-focused messaging app back in December? At that time, we did not know they had a new resource in the works. Namely, they added Signal Video Chat to their highly-acclaimed features.

Signal Video Chat

Just like everything else with Signal, video chat is private. According to Signal’s website, “You will be prompted to grant the Camera and Microphone permissions the first time you make or receive a Signal call.

>> Signal calls, both voice, and video are end-to-end encrypted.
>> Voice and video are available on all Signal platforms – Android, iOS, and Desktop.
>> Group calling is currently in beta testing.”

How to Video Chat

They continue to give you the easy steps on how to start an encrypted one-to-one voice or video call:

>> Select a one-to-one chat

>> On iOS or Android, tap compose Android_Compose.png or compose-outline-24.png then select a contact or enter a number.

>> On Desktop, select a contact or enter a number in the search field
>> Select a contact or enter a number to open that conversation.

>> Tap the phone icon to start a voice call or camera icon to start a video call.

• While on a call, tap the camera to show or hide video from your side of the call.

>> Your call screen will show

• Calling – while waiting for the call to connect with your contact.
• Ringing – when your contact’s phone is online and ringing.
• Signal + timer – after your call has been answered.


Right now, Signal video chat will only allow up to five people to participate at a time, so it won’t be as robust as Zoom. Signal does say they are working on increasing that number in the future.

According to The Verge, “group video calls are available in the service’s iOS and Android apps, but for now, they’re limited to new-style Signal group chats, and won’t appear in older, legacy chats.”

At the time of their blog posting, The Verge indicated that Signal launched its new group chats back in October, adding support for @mentions, group admins, and more granular permissions. They also said that older legacy chats would be upgraded to the new chat-style soon.

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