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Every time you get on the computer, you get bombarded with information. What if there was an easy way to manage all that information using a software program? Would you be interested? Let me tell you about Zoot Information Manager.

Who Is Zoot

Zoot Information Software was developed in 1995 in the state of Vermont by Tom Davis. Zoot is not like most other information managers that usually only use a single database approach for storage. That’s okay if you are only going to use it for a short time. As time goes on, however, that single database can get overloaded and provide problems with efficient management.

As you accumulate more information, it gets challenging to oversee prioritization. Zoot Software’s multi-databases help you set aside those projects that you can put on the back burner for the time being and take care of those projects that you need to get done as soon as possible.


Flexibility is an interesting phenomenon when talking about managing information. Too little flexibility, and you can find that your projects are at a standstill going nowhere. Zoot has just the right mix with an abundance of flexibility when you need it.

Get Things Done

Have you ever heard of the term Get Things Done (GTD)? This refers to task management. Fortunately, Zoot Software’s multi-databases benefit the GTD philosophy. Each database has its own built-in GTD system allowing you to customize your tasks for each project so you are not mixing up work with home or hobbies. Stay focused on the task at hand.

Content Delivery

Do you have lots of information that you pool from different places on the Web? Stay organized with this information manager’s ability to help you manage all of it in one place. Zoot has Feed, Twitter, E-Mail, and Pocket clients built-in. If you have multiple email accounts, you can assign each account to a single individual database. You can add topic-specific feeds to each of your databases, or you can use the general-purpose Feeds database to read multiple feeds in one place. And this can be accomplished from any device you have. Stay up to date whether you use Dropbox, OneDrive, or any other file synchronization software.

Speech Recognition

Notwithstanding any other reason you would want to get this information/task manager, you won’t want to pass this tidbit up. According to Zootsoftware.com, Zoot is the only information manager designed from the ground up to support speech recognition. With over 300 custom voice commands, you can control every aspect of your information management empire. Zoot works with the industry-leading Dragon® speech recognition software from Nuance® to provide you with the best experience.


So, what is the bottom line? Zoot Information Manager is affordable. You can’t go wrong with the Company’s 60-day trial period for you to try it out. If you like it, then a single-user license is $99. The software is designed for Windows 10 but will also do admirably on Windows 7/8.

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